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How to categorize multiple receipts

Adding a category to multiple receipts is an efficient way to organize your account.

Start by getting all the receipts you want to add to a certain category onto one page by using the filters on the right side of your receipts page.

  1. Filter for the for the vendors you want to add a category to, and choose the largest page size available on the bottom right of the receipt list.

  2. Next, select the receipts by clicking on the checkboxes to their left. Select the entire page by clicking the box at the top.

  3. Click the blue “assign category” button above the receipt list, and select the category you want to add to the selected receipts. If some of the receipts already have the desired category, you will need to uncheck it, and then check it again. This will add the category to all the selected receipts.

  4. If you have more than one page of receipts after filtering, you will need to assign categories one page at a time.

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