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How do I export to PDF, CSV, Evernote and QuickBooks Online?

You can now export to CSV, PDF, Evernote and Quickbooks Online from the main receipts table.

Note: PDF exports must contain fewer than 2000 receipts or the file will be too large to generate  

Here's how:

  1. Log into your account and click on Receipts.
  2. To create a report containing all receipts, click on the first tick-box next to the Vendor column
  3. Click on the link Select all 2054 documents that match this filter


To create a report containing only select receipts, use the filters as usual or simply select the checkboxes next to the receipts you want to export, then select export selected

    5. Then choose the export type (PDF, CSV, QuickBooks Online) and follow the prompts

For more details check the export specific FAQs:
How do I export my receipts into a CSV file?
How do I integrate with Quickbooks Online?

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