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How do I export my receipts into MYOB Essentials?

Before you start it is a good idea to remove the default Shoeboxed set categories first.

To do so please:

Click on your name icon
Choose "Account Settings"
Choose "International"
Then untick "Show Australian Tax Categories" and hit save

Connecting your Shoeboxed Account and your MYOB Essentials.

Please follow the link below to get to the integration portal:

Choose MYOB Essential from the List

Log in to Shoeboxed
Log in to MYOB Essentials
Select Shoeboxed account and MYOB business accordingly.
Click on Schedule.

The very first Schedule might take a little while as the chart of account is being automatically imported from MYOB Essentials into your Shoeboxed account.

All the categories will have header "MYOBEss" in front of them. For example: "MYOBEss - 6-1200 Advertising"

Exporting to MYOB Essentials.

Once your documents are uploaded to your Shoeboxed account go to your receipt tab and categorise your receipts accordingly.

Note: You will be prompted to set rules up for future vendor to be categorised in that particular category.

Once your receipts are categorised with the MYOB chart of account categories, the system will automatically export those documents only. So make sure you assign a MYOBEss code in Shoeboxed to all documents that you want to be exported.

The export is scheduled to run every 2nd o'clock after the first schedule (e.g 12:00, 2:00, 4:00 and so on) and the last run and total documents exported will be displayed within the portal.

Your exported items will have an "Exported" category next to it in your Shoeboxed Receipts' page.

Transactions will be exported into MYOB Essentials as Journal Entries.

Due to how MYOB Essentials work, to view the recent exported data in your General Journal, you will have to move the "TO" date one day after the date that the data have been exported.

If you receipts aren't exporting due to financial year locked issue please do the following to unlock your financial year on your MYOB Essentials.
  1. Log into your MYOB Essentials
  2. From your MYOB Essentials click on your account name on top right hand side.
  3. Choose "Business Details"
  4. Then scroll right to the bottom of the page.
  5. Untick the "Lock my data up to and including"

This is just the beginning, we will be adding new features to this integration, stay tuned!"


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