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How to use the Shoeboxed iPhone App

Home Screen

- Add a document by clicking the "Add New +" tab in the middle of the navigation bar. You can choose to take a photo or upload one from your photo library from here.
- Pending documents will be listed at the top of your receipts feed as "Processing". 
- View all of your receipts or business cards by clicking their label on the navigation bar.

To filter your receipts based on category or reimbursement status, click the round filter button to the right of the search bar.

If you want to Edit a Receipt

Select a processed receipt or a receipt in "Processing" and click the "Cancel Processing" button in the upper right-hand corner. From there, click the "Edit" button in the same corner.

From here you can either 
1) Re-process the document and send it back through data entry.
2) Edit the document yourself. You can edit the vendor, total amount, tax amount, payment method, date and categories. Be sure to click "save" after making any changes.
3) Delete the document by clicking the "delete receipt" link at the bottom.

You can also swipe left on a specific receipt and choose to edit the data, process the data automatically, or delete the receipt.

Run a Report

In order to generate an expense report, click the "Expense report" text at the top of the receipt section and select the receipts you want to export. From there, click the blue "Send report" button and your report will be generated in your email and is ready to send!

How to Track Mileage

In order to track a trip, simply click the "Mileage" tab in the navigation bar and it will take you to the Mileage section as shown below.

Next you will hit 'Start Mileage Tracking'.  We recommend that any time you get out of the car or make a stop that you go ahead and drop a Pin. This will allow for the tracking to be as accurate as possible. After you're done with your Trip you can hit 'End mileage tracking' as shown below.

It will then take you to the screen below so that you can either edit it yourself or send it to processing.

New for iOS 9 and iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s users can track a trip, scan a receipt, and create an expense report directly from their home screen with a single hard press of the app icon.

Peek and Pop is a neat feature that allows iPhone 6s users to edit receipt details and instantly get reimbursed for an expense in seconds by hard pressing a document inside the app.

Now get out there and get organized!

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