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How to use the Shoeboxed Mileage Tracker

The Shoeboxed Mileage Tracker is available on both the iPhone and Android App.

To use it all you need to do is go to the mobile app.

1)  Select the "Mileage" tab in the bottom navigation bar.
2)  Select "Start Mileage Tracking" to begin tracking your trip.
3)  Drop a pin to log the point where you would like to start tracking mileage.
4)  To ensure accuracy, drop separate pins at different locations if you are making multiple stops on a single trip.
5)  Hit "End Mileage Tracking" as soon as you’re ready to stop and your milage will calculate using the standard mileage rate and it will appear in your receipts section!

It's that simple, now get out there and start tracking!

* Please note that the continued use of GPS can affect the battery life of your mobile device.

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