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How to Setup Gmail Receipt Sync

In your Shoeboxed account, navigate to Integrations or visit

Select manage or connect Gmail Receipt Sync and then click “Link my Gmail account.”

Once you’ve selected the Gmail account you’d like to connect, you will be prompted to sign in and authorize Shoeboxed’s access to your account. Once you authorize access, you will need to select the Shoeboxed account that you will be connecting your email to.

What happens next?
After you've set up the sync, we will transparently vet your new emails and automatically pick out receipts to submit to your Shoeboxed account. Those receipts are then labeled “Sent to Shoeboxed” in your Gmail.

Looking for other options?

You can also archive receipts from any email by sending them to, or to your personalized Shoeboxed email address.

Let’s get started!

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