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Reporting Sales Tax With Shoeboxed

All Shoeboxed customers can now add a new data field to their digitized receipts: sales tax, value-added tax (VAT), or goods and services tax (GST).

Who can use the sales tax feature?

All web customers, new and existing, can opt-in or out of the sales tax feature at no additional cost.

US vs. Non-US Addresses

For US-based (mailing address is US) accounts, we do not automatically collect tax at data-entry or show this data in your dashboard. You’ll have to opt-in or out of this feature in your account settings.

Please note this update does not change anything for accounts with a mailing address outside of the US. We will continue to collect tax at data-entry and you’ll be able to see tax data in your account.

What about previously uploaded receipts?

Turning on the sales tax feature will not back-date any previously uploaded receipts.

If you would like to record sales tax data for older receipts you will have to submit them for reprocessing.

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