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What are envelope codes? Can I name my envelopes?

Envelope codes are assigned to envelopes either when we receive them, or pre-assigned on our Magic Envelopes before we send them out to you. This code enables Shoeboxed to identify which envelopes belong to which users and to know with 100% certainty where an envelope is located in our operations facility for the duration of its processing. 

Each Magic Envelope has a unique envelope code. Before a Magic Envelope is sent to you, we associate its envelope code with your account, and then we wait for that envelope to come back. When we receive it, we know it belongs to you.

For Lite users and people sending in receipts and business cards in their own envelopes, you will need to include a cover sheet (containing your name and e-mail) with your envelope so that we can identify its owner. Then we assign an envelope code to your envelope once it arrives. 

At this time, envelope codes are not customizable and cannot be changed.

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