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How do I refer a friend to Shoeboxed?

Do you love us as much as we love you? If so, we want you to help us expand the Shoeboxed community by referring your friends - you'll even earn a discount on your plan for doing so! Here's how: 

  1. Click the box in the bottom right of your Shoeboxed account that says "Your Account Could Be Free."
  2. A widget will pop up that allows you to refer contacts via email, Facebook, Twitter or your custom referral URL. 

shoeboxed referral program

You and your friend will receive 10% off of your monthly payment when they sign up for a premium plan! This discount will be applied for an entire year. 

However, it is important to note that if your friend cancels their Shoeboxed subscription, the discount will no longer be valid. To see how many of your referred contacts have signed up for a premium plan, all you need to do is click on the widget again. From there, you'll be able to track the following:

  • How many contacts signed up
  • How much of a discount has been applied to your monthly payment
  • How many new referrals you need to receive your Shoeboxed plan for free
If you have any other questions about the customer referral program, don't hesitate to contact our Support team!

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