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How do I export my receipts into a CSV/Excel file?

In addition to just creating reports, CSV files are accepted by many programs and tools as a way to import information from your Shoeboxed account!

TIP: A CSV file is one with Comma-Separated-Values. This is a common import file type to many accounting and financial software. When creating this export, select what character you would like to be placed between each value/column (delimiter). Then, when you go to import this, enter the same character as the delimiter and your software will automatically pull your information into proper rows and columns.

Create a CSV file from your Shoeboxed receipts

Here's how:

  1. Log into your account and click on Receipts
  2. To export receipts, check the boxes next to the receipts you want to export, click the Choose Action drop-down menu and select Export Selected Receipts.
  3. Then it will prompt you to enter your email address, the report will be ran, and then sent to your email address.

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