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How do I integrate my Shoeboxed and Saasu accounts?

Before you start it is a good idea to remove the default Shoeboxed set categories first.

To do so please:
  1. Click on your name icon
  2. Choose "Account Settings"
  3. Choose "International"
  4. Then untick "Show Australian Tax Categories" and hit save

Saasu (Software as a Service Utility) is an online accounting package founded in 2000.

Shoeboxed’s direct  integration with Saasu works by assigning Shoeboxed receipts into the appropriate Saasu account code, then exporting directly into your Saasu account.

Saasu integration consists of the following steps.

  1. Authenticate your Saasu and Import your Chart of Accounts
  2. Categorising your receipts
  3. Exporting Receipts

1. Authenticate your Saasu and Import your Chart of Accounts

Getting your Saasu Authentication details

You will need to retrieve the web service access key (WSAccessKey) and file id (FileUid) for your Saasu company file.

Note if you are not an admininstrator for your file you will need to request your admin person to give you access. 

To find these details please do the following:

  1. Sign into Saasu, and then log into the File you are setting up access to.
  2. Go to Settings and then Web Services.
  3. Click Turn on web services access for this file and click Save.
  4. The API credentials will be revealed after you click the save button.


Please record the File ID and Web Services Access Key, as you will need these later.

Importing Your Saasu Chart of Accounts

Your Saasu Chart of Accounts will be imported as Shoeboxed categories.  

  1. Select the "export all" and choose Other.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can see "Import Chart of Account".
  3. Choose Saasu from the dropdown button and hit on Import. This will take you to an authentication screen.


Enter your  web service access key (WSAccessKey) and file id (FileUid) that you recorded earlier.


Once done you will see the number of chart of account categories that are successfully imported.

(Note Shoeboxed will not import any accounts that doesn't have a corresponding Account Code.)

To view your categories that were imported from Saasu go to your "Manage Category" page.

2. Categorising your Receipts.

Go to your receipts tab and then start categorising your receipts using the Saasu chart of accounts category (you will notice that there's the word "Saasu" in front).

You can use the Vendors filter to select vendors that belongs to same category and make sure that all items are displayed and select all by ticking the check box on the top left hand side and assign category.

Whilst you are categorising your documents there's a pop up box asking you if you would like to create rules for future receipts with same vendors to be allocated the same particular category.


3. Exporting Receipts.

Select Export All othen choose Other. Alternatively you can select the individual receipts you want and choose Export Selected and choose Other.

This will take you to the Export Expenses page then select Send to Saasu to proceed.

If you want to export within a date range, you can use the Date Range feature in the Export Expenses page itself.

Note: The Date Range is based on the date of issue of the receipt

You can either use the "Send to Saasu" button but we recommend using the "Verify & send to Saasu".  The verification page provides an easy way to check, recode or add any missing codes before exporting.

Click on Continue

(Note for quicker coding you can also type in the name of the code and select from the drop down list and hit tab to move to the next one).Verify_export1.png

Click the
Finish Export button to export your receipts to Saasu and get a summary of how many receipts were successfully exported.


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