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How do I request more Magic Envelopes?

If you lose your Magic Envelope or need additional envelopes, you can request two envelopes per week from your online account. 

Here's how to get more Magic Envelopes:

  1. Log into your account, and on the Overview Page click the Manage envelopes button.
  2. In the top right box, click the Request envelopes button.
  3. Enter either 1 or 2* in the box and click Request.
  4. Those envelopes will be sent out on the next business day.

*The button will allow you to request up to two additional envelopes per week. If the Request Envelopes tool is not working properly it may be because you are located out of the US or Australia, are on a Lite plan, or because two envelopes have already been sent to you this week. If you are a new user, two envelopes were sent to you automatically, so the button will not work. Check back in a week and you can request two additional envelopes if you need them, or if you need more immediately, please contact our support team at

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