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Can I pre-sort or pre-categorize my documents before sending them in?

For the most part, documents do not need to be organized in any way before you send them to Shoeboxed. Please make sure that documents are not attached to larger pieces of paper, as we are not able to process this kind of document. Each receipt should be loose in the envelope. Each individual document should also not be stapled or otherwise attached to other pages, unless the document is part of a multi-page document. You can read more about multi-page documents here.

All documents will go through the same processing here at Shoeboxed, so pre-categorizing or sorting your documents will not affect how they are processed and added to your account. However, our policy is to return documents to you the way that you send them to us. So if you send receipts pre-sorted or labeled in folders, subdividers or small envelopes, we will return them to you that way.

Can I send multiple envelopes within one larger package?

You can, but each individual envelope will not be broken out into separate envelopes for processing. If you send us a package with multiple envelopes in it, all contents will be processed as one big batch (not multiple smaller batches). If you need a few smaller envelopes to be processed separately, they must be sent to Shoeboxed completely separately to be checked into our processing system separately. 

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