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How do I separate personal and business expenses?

Do you already have your personal and business documents in separate bundles?

If the answer is no 

Then just send your documents in to us, as they are! You can then mark your different types of documents easily using our online categorization system.

If the answer is yes

We do recommend separate accounts for personal and business expenses as it can get a bit confusing, but if that isn't for you, there is another way. Simply bundle the different documents by using smaller envelopes, an elastic band, plastic sleeve or bull clip and put a note on the front that you would like each section scanned separately and read on!

When we receive the envelope you will then receive two (or more) confirmation emails - one for each section.

You should create a separate category for each entity - for example Personal Expenses, Business Expenses. You can add and edit categories by clicking “manage” next to the Categories section in the filter bar in the receipts section.

Once the envelopes have been scanned you can use the “My Envelopes” quick link on the right-hand side of the Overview page to look at the contents of each envelope.


Identify which entity they are for, and then assign each receipt to the appropriate category.


When viewing receipts you can filter by categories.

In addition, our export feature gives you the ability to export only specific categories.

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