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What counts toward my monthly limit and what doesn't?

All submissions to Shoeboxed that our extraordinary team processes and puts into your online account count towards your monthly limit. We add up all the receipts, business cards, documents, family pictures and any other scannable item (you name it!) you send to us when determining the number of processing credits you've used for the month. 

If you want to submit documents that do not count towards your monthly limit, just use the Web Uploader (via the Add document button in your online account), uncheck the box next to process automatically, and then upload your documents. You can then enter the data for them yourself (and save those valuable credits for use later in the month). 

Submission methods

  • Regular mail
  • Email
  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop uploaders
  • Web uploader

Trying to figure out what month that envelope you just mailed will count towards? For any envelopes that are mailed into our headquarters for processing, the day that the receipts are processed (not scanned) will be the date on which the receipts are counted towards your monthly limit. If you believe there is a billing error due to a processing date, please contact our Support team here, and we will be happy to resolve the issue. 

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