Australia Post Delivery Times

You have been waiting a few days for your returned documents or your new Magic Envelopes to arrive and are starting to get concerned?

Don’t be worried, Shoeboxed has been working with Australia Post since 2010 and we've put together some guidelines and important comments we've learned over the years:

  • Australia Post has never lost an envelope that was sent to us.
  • We do occasionally have delays with Australia Post’s delivery - usually just for a few days. Our experience is that when an envelope is delayed more than a few days, it is usually then a 2-3 week delay. The explanation we have received for this is that when an envelope fails to go through the automated systems it is put into a queue for a (human :)) postal officer to process it. Shoeboxed envelopes contain special barcodes to avoid this happening, but it does occur occasionally
  • Envelopes that can’t be delivered (with incorrect delivery address for example) are returned to sender assuming that your address is written on the envelope of course
  • Using the Shoeboxed Reply Paid Magic Envelope (bright blue and clear writing) will reduce the risk of delay or lost envelope
  • Australia Post have a separate process for Reply Paid envelopes to ensure they are delivered, as they only get paid when they are actually delivered.
  • If you are sending a normal envelope, make sure you send it to our PO Box (see details below).  It will be delivered faster, and reduces the likelihood of loss.
  • Generally, handing over an envelope at the post office, or using the street box outside a post office, results in faster delivery.
  • For any Australia Post service please use our PO Box - this includes all Parcel Post and Express Post services:
          PO Box 1333
          CROWS NEST NSW 1585

  • For any courier service use our street address, and ensure that the package requires a signature for delivery:

         Suite 101, 65 Hume St
         CROWS NEST NSW 2065

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