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How do I integrate my Shoeboxed and OneSaas accounts?

Shoeboxed turns your business cards into a secure, portable online archive of contact information and sales leads, and using OneSaas, you can automatically push these contacts and sales leads into dozens of CRM and e-mail marketing programs. Through OneSaas you can have your digital contacts sent to great programs like MailChimp, Linkedin, BatchBook, Salesforce, Harvest, Zoho CRM and many more!

  1. Log into OneSaas and select New Connection. In that pop-up, select Shoeboxed.

  2. Click the Sign In to Shoeboxed button to authorize your account. 

  3. Enter your Shoeboxed login and password and click Authorize App

  4. You can now configure your Shoeboxed integration. 

  5. Click Apply and you're done!

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